21 May 2007

Swaparooni! Pink & Green, part 1

OMSH is hosting a great Swaparooni with a green & pink theme. For those new to the fun, a "swap" is basically an exchange of things along a particular theme, with people you barely know (or know extremely well, but entirely from reading their blog). Many swaps are craft-related but for those of us who are craft-crippled, there are swaps with more open themes. OMSH organized a black & white swap before this one but I was either too shy or too busy (you decide) to try it...green & pink, though - how could I not?

I'm paired with a woman in Arizona (funny - I found out the day after we flew back) who I have only a vague idea of. I read her sister-in-law's blog pretty religiously, but her own blog is not updated very often. The bit I do know about her suggests she'll like similar things to my own tastes, so I fixed the green & pink theme in my head and set off. What fun! It was a treat to sneak off for some shopping that didn't involve groceries or buying kids' pants because all the pairs we own have holes in the knees (thank god shorts season is FINALLY here). I also made a couple of things that she will either totally love or use to form her opinion that I'm off my rocker - maybe both.

Last night, I finally got everything finished and into packable condition. Tonight, I packed the box:

I'll take it over to the post office and mail it tomorrow - wheeeee! Pictures of what's inside will be posted once I know it's arrived. I don't want to spoil the surprise in case my swap-buddy reads my blog.

1 comment:

Missy said...

quick question. Do you both get each other or is it more like a grab bag? I have a group of internet friends that we do secret santas every year and i thought doing a summer color swap would be fun. Just wanted to get the particulars. Let me know!


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