21 November 2006

You're Missing What?

Excerpts from a note sent home from school:

"...rattlesnake head (in a small jar), was missing after the P.T.O. sponsored [presentation]..."
[how do you lose a jarred rattlesnake head?]

"...the fangs may still have venom and the chemical in the jar is not one to share with children." [but you may enjoy it a bit yourself?]

The note gives instructions to share with your child regarding the dangerous nature of the missing object, phone numbers to call if the jar is spotted or if you require additional information, and assurances that all teachers have thoroughly checked their classrooms and custodians are on High Alert for suspicious looking or unidentifiable jars. At least it wasn't another copy of the Peanuts Kill note.


Rob said...

and just why do they leave such an obviously dangerous object in the classroom to begin with?

karen said...

I gather it was used as an assembly exhibit. Maybe it was sent around the room for a closer look, since the jar was so small? You'd think the demonstrator would have noticed it was missing before he closed up the show, though...

kasper said...

I like that you said "...bit..."


Grandmoo said...

to think Kat only brought cacti needles to her adolescent class on first aid; i TOLD her that rattlesnake venom would be more exciting!

Epiphany Alone said...

Isn't this exactly why God made PowerPoint?

Dear PTO,

Stop bringing in the idiots to lecture to my kids.

Much love,


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