07 November 2006


Humor for today, thanks to xkcd for a good laugh!

Ross came home needing a Pilgrim Name. He wants Huggable or Hockey. I've suggested Constant. He also needs an Indian Name. Plays with Sticks and Climbs with Monkeys are in consideration.

Lars has taken to offering a toast each night as we sit down for dinner. Instead of offering a compliment or well-wish to someone, though, he uses his moment of attention to present something he would like to have happen. For example, "I would like to propose a toast to Daddy for playing a game of Memory with me after dinner. And for trying hard to win but not being sad when he doesn't win because I am GREAT at playing Memory."

Chris made our menu and shopping list for the week! He had to do it twice because I'm an impossible spouse and pointed out that the five dinners he'd first selected contained four pasta meals, one of which we'd already eaten just the night before. Then, because he's wonderful (or he just wanted to get out of the house) he did the shopping and he only called me twice from the store. Once was to ask where they've put the ham (moved it a few months ago) and the second time - bless his heart - to ask where he'd find Chicory. Chicory? We're not exactly sleeping on mattresses of cash but I hope we're not consigned to depression coffee quite yet. Thankfully, he let me convince him not to keep looking for the stuff.

I filled out even more forms for the credit card fraud thing and learned the name, e-mail address, and telephone number of the person who used my card from Priceline by calling and asking for information about the reservation my card had paid for. Then, I Googled the phone number and got the address. If jail is not in his immediate future, I predict he will be flooded by spam, telemarketing offers, and Fuller Brush men. Who steals a credit card and then uses his own actual information to book travel reservations with it?


Epiphany Alone said...

I vote for "Resolved" and "Swift, Like Bird"...

Mmm chickory. Speaking of coffee, we'd read in Consumer Reports that Eight O'Clock Coffee was the highest rated store brand. Since then, we buy it on sale - $2.50/lb ! I usually buy a pound each of House Blend and Hazelnut whole bean and grind them together.

Spice Girl said...

As I was going through yet MORE files in anticipation of grad school, I found some writings about my former neighbor who was so annoying that I would think up ways to annoy him: turning on the dishwasher when he was in the shower (we were on the same heating and plumbing systems), turning the heat WAY down when we left for vacation, signing him up for "Bill me later!" subscriptions to Martha Stewart Living and Muscle. I never did any of them though. I did, however, kill the power one day when he was blasting him music and I was trying to study. As you have so much useful information about the Fraud Dork, perhaps I can assist you in thinking of joyful vengeance. :)

karen said...

I didn't think of "Bill me Later!" signups - I'm totally calling you for more ideas!


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