13 November 2006

Climbs With Monkeys

Climbs With Monkeys is off to school this morning wearing his fringed leather vest and feathered headdress. There was some discussion over how many feathers he should have - all the important indians, like the Chief, wore more than one. When I pointed out that he only owns one feather, he sighed but accepted his single-feather status like a true brave. Happily, he made the bus with molasses cookies, potato peeler (Climbs With Monkeys is on the Potato Peeling Team and will be making mashed potatoes for the Feast), brushed teeth, and clean fingernails. Thankfully, Lars has a regular day on deck so we've planned a morning of games before his bus comes by.

1 comment:

aunt of climbs with monkeys said...

ooh, climbs with monkeys sounds like a very important name! don't forget to post pix of this important indian chief :) (btw, i'm surprised they let cwm climb on the bus with a sharp potato peeler and not a peanut butter sandwich! lol)


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