30 November 2006

D(M)ental Heath

We invade our dentist's office twice each year by scheduling all our check-up appointments in a row. Her office is a bit of a drive from our house, so it makes sense to wedge all of us into one trip since we really like her and are not inclined to look for a closer dentist. For reasons unknown, we do this on a Thursday morning. Also for reasons unknown, we go just after Thanksgiving and right before our anniversary so we handily have clean teeth shortly after the two big eating holidays (Halloween & Tday) and in time to smile for all those anniversary photos we never take. After the spring appointment, we traditionally begin a long weekend trip for Memorial Day. After the fall one, we traditionally play hookey and this year was no different - we took the kids out for lunch (tacos) and then saw Happy Feet. We did wonder this year if we're corrupting the kids by not returning them to school for the last two hours...but not for long.

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