03 November 2006

Sound Bites

In conversation over dinner tonight I mentioned Barbizon, a company I work with on occasion. Ross perked right up, "Barbizon? Is that a Transformer?"

I couldn't help but grin, "No, it's a company I know from work."

Wistfully, he sighed, "Oh, too bad. 'Barbizon' would make a cool Transformer!"


An acapella quartet of Firemen
sang the anthems before the Bruins-Sabres game yesterday. Chris asked how they'd be classified (I think he meant musically) and Ross immediately offered, "Non-fiction, animal." Made me realize I have no idea what really goes on in his head sometimes...


Grandmoo said...

You say you don't know what goes on in Ross's head? He comes by it honestly. Now you know how I felt raising you!

Colleen said...

That is so funny! Where'd he pick that up? :)


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