20 November 2006

Sudden Food Needs

We used to throw biannual barbecues, one in January (first barbecue of the New Year) and the other over the summer sometime (the wet one - BYO supersoaker & towel). These grill events were great fun and very well attended, usually filling both house and yard with everything you'd like in a party - good friends, a lot of fun and fabulous food. One year, a group of six or seven family friends were travelling through town and stopped by unannounced on the chance we might be at home for a quick visit. As luck would have it, we were in full wet-bbq mode and before anyone blinked, so were they! Many hours later as the party wound down, we decided there was no way for them to reasonably continue their journey that night so we fixed everyone up to stay. That house had plenty of room for unexpected guests - each person got a spare bed, air mattress, or couch in a reasonably private place and there were plenty of bathrooms (five!!) to go around, too. That extended visit was a rare gift - I don't get to see that family very often at all, although they're in my heart always - and it made me aware that one of my goals in life is to always have room and provisions on hand for unexpected guests.

This sort of preparedness isn't tested that often but the tests are generally a lot of fun. That first time was seven unexpected overnight guests. Sometimes it's just a friend stopping over with a book or to watch hockey and all that's called for is snacks or lunch and beer. Ginger, who'd otherwise be stranded at the airport (bad way to finish off WTHS...). Heather, alone or not, for dinner because facing the meal together that day suddenly seems the best idea for all involved. Whatever the reason, I can be sure of time with friends and happy memories whether I have enough food on hand or not.

Today's prattle is brought to you by the kindergarten class mother who interpreted my checking off "Juice" and "Paper Plates, Napkins, Bowls" on the Things You Are Willing To Send In For School Parties form as a willingness to send in corn muffins. So much for the juice and paper goods I stocked up on...but woo-hoo for my single little pantry cabinet which, in addition to not falling off the wall today, yielded all the makings for corn muffins without my having to run to the store. Today's Sudden Food Need Preparedness test score: A!

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