01 June 2006

No known cure

Most of WNY and many WNY ex-pats are having the now all too familiar feeling of major sports loss. The first Superbowl gave us the virus and every near-win since has caused flare ups. WNYers are historically tenacious (you have to be to live through the winters) and I remain hopeful that the elusive cure (no doubt an actual win) will be discovered in my lifetime.


Rob said...

I'd suggest becoming a Giants fan, but that probably wouldn't help anything.

But at least football is a sport actually played by Americans, in the US, eh?

karen said...

Having spent most of my life being disappointed by the Buffalo teams, it seems silly to change my allegiance now.

Fraukow said...

i would like to inform you that it wasn't my fault. I didn't listen watch or think about the game. But I can be entirely pleased with Buffalo Fans response of "Thank You Sabres" chanted as they got off the plane at 1am and on every billboard that formerly said "Go Sabres!"!


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