09 June 2006

Overdue vacation post

We spent Memorial Day at the lake with Chris' family with lots of cute kids and lots of things to do wtih boats:


sanders5 said...

You obviously live and vacation NOWHERE near South Texas. Sweatshirts?! We wear sweatshirts one month a year. No, really. And never, never can wear sweatshirts simultaneously in a day where we wear bathing suits.

Really pretty vacation pics!.

Rob said...

What's the "Duke" thing?

Everybody wants to play Lacrosse?

Fraukow said...

Truly Great Weekend, made obvious by the clothes left behind at our house (which are in the mail to you)!

karen said...

Chris' grandfather went to Duke and now lives in the retirement community at the university. Chris' parents went down for a visit and brought back sweatshirts for the great-grandkids. Since the girls come in from Germany, getting a brag-shot with all six of them at once is rare and wonderful!


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