19 June 2006

The mow-lawner

"That guy cutting the grass has a REALLY big mow-lawner! Look!" I glance out the car window and see that yes, in fact, the landscape service guy is riding around a somewhat modest lawn atop a very large tractor-type mower. "Do you think he will come to our house next? If we stop and ask him with our polite words?"

"Polite words are always a good idea but, in this case, I don't think they'd be quite enough. It looks like landscaping is his job, so he probably won't do work at our house unless we pay him for his service."

"We should stop and ask him. Don't you want a mow-lawner guy, Mama?"

"I already have three "mow-lawner" guys, little one. You, your dad, and your brother!"

"But Daddy says I can't do the mowing yet."

"You'll be big enough sooner than you think. Until then, you can keep helping with the trash and the dishes."

"Am I still the luckiest boy?"

"Are you?"


"That's what I think, too."

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