07 June 2006

Karen needs...

While randomly clicking from blog to blog today, I encountered a meme that actually made me laugh and I decided to try it for myself. Here’s what you do: Enter your FIRST name followed by the word ‘needs’ into a Google search. Read and copy the Title for the first 15 search results (sans repeats). You might be surprised to find what you ‘need’ - things you never knew you needed before! I found that:

1. Karen needs to Grow Up!
2. Karen needs a New job
3. Karen needs Cardio Strength Circuit Training
4. Karen needs Professor Pelvic (to) Practice(-s) His Thrusts
5. Karen needs a World Gospel Mission Following God’s Call
6. Karen needs a Msg. from Karen’s Nana
7. Karen needs to Search and dedicate herself to someone special
8. Karen needs a therapist
9. Karen needs a Jack
10. Karen needs a Data meeting in Porterville with Lew Jump, Tony Caprio…
11. Karen needs a Free Range Librarian
12. Karen needs Kiwis Graphics Business Website Templates
13. Karen needs Better Homes & Gardens
14. Karen needs Loans 101
15. Karen needs The WB – Talk

The blogger I picked this meme up from “added an add’l hoo-rah-rah” and squished all her needs into a single paragraph, which reminded me of Julie Berry’s (like the fruit) Vocabulover’s challenges and made me appreciate the meme even more. In the name of random silliness, here’s my “meme-agraph”:

According to a Msg. from Karen’s Nana, Karen needs to Grow Up and get a New Job! If she keeps running the World Gospel Mission Following God’s Call, she’ll become the poster girl for Loans 101; she’d surely do better designing Kiwis Graphics Business Website Templates or writing articles for Better Homes & Gardens about how to Search and dedicate yourself to someone special. Jack may not think Karen is a reliable authority on the topic, especially not after the Data meeting in Porterville with Lew Jump, Tony Caprio… but what can be done? All that Cardio Strength Circuit Training really prepared her for Professor Pelvic to Practice His Thrusts. Her therapist maintains that if Karen returns to work as a Free Range Librarian, The WB will Talk for sure!


sanders5 said...

Um ... so ... er ... can I borrow Professor Pelvic? Y'know, when you find him and all. I promise to return hm with thrusts intact.


too fun!

Epiphany Alone said...

You definitely must pass along my name to Professor Pelvic. I'm the one who just had a baby, after all...


Fraukow said...

um, what exactly is a Free Range Librarian? and Professor Pelvic isn't a clue game piece is he?

Fraukow said...

look up "frauke needs" boy does that get weird!

gingerbreadman said...

I think a free range librarian is one who returns books to the shelves randomly. Tell that to your mother (i-l) and she will probably have a fit.

Rob said...

My number one is actually
"Big monkey, Helpy chalk, Rob needs a job", which isn't that far from the truth.

karen said...

I think you should have that engraved and put it up in place of your name plate...


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