02 June 2006

Tonight's lotto numbers are...

As long as I'm not winning lotto, Heather had better be the one to hit. Following a week (a WEEK) of uncomfortable labor, she contracted a UTI which turned into a kidney infection which led to an exciting day in the ER today. Well, exciting if your idea of excitement includes hours spent in a split-back gown wondering if you will be reported because your cell phone keeps going off... I must admit our dish session was fun but the venue left a little to be desired. Next time, we'll have to try for manicures or martinis or maybe both (we should be so lucky)! It's less fun when your chats are interrupted with hunting down your sister's (heh...) nurse and lobbying for breast pumps, pain meds, and food. Food? She's hungry? Uhhhh, yes. Eight hours later, the nursing mother is, in fact, hungry. Now that we're pretty certain surgery is not on deck for today, could she please have something to eat? So, certainly next time, food. And drink. ha-HA!

P.S. The result of the week of painful labor is a beautiful baby girl!

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