26 June 2006

Sin & Atonement

We're going to a wedding next week and Lars has outgrown the arms on all his dress shirts (further proof that he actually is his father's son). So I took a quick swing by Talbots yesterday to pick one up...and discovered myself smack in the middle of their semi-annual clearance sale. I adore the Talbots sale! I usually live for the Talbots sale but was ignoring it on purpose this year in light of our restricted finances. Alas, fate was looking out for me (or not) and so, in spite of my plan to have the kids look a little stained and patchy this summer, they got another round of very nice clothes at a fabulous discount rate and will therefore be able to look cute and well heeled when required. Please don't even ask about whether or not I stopped to see if there was anything useful in Talbot Petite for myself. Not even if you see me looking cute in flowered pants (deemed "cool" by Ross) that you've never seen me wear before.

As atonement for my sin of overspending the budget, I finally kept my vow to update Playroom. Gone are the toddler toys, broken Happy Meal knickknacks, coloring books with no pages left uncolored, crayons too tiny to use! Game boards are reunited with pieces and cards! Games with too many missing bits are simply missing - if anyone asks about them, I'll consider replacing the game but my feeling is the missing bits have been reassigned because nobody actually likes the game. Playroom actually looks like a room it might be fun to play in again…rather than a heap of things forgotten. Best of all, we’ve got half a year before anyone’s birthday so there’s a chance the stuff level might stay manageable for a while. I’m off to bet Chris how long it will be before the kids make a wreck of the room again…


bibliofilly said...

Woo! Talbots! I do love their quality, but final markdowns notwithstanding I can usually only afford to shop at that other place brought to you by the letter "T" (hint: big red bullseye). Lucky you! I want to see these magical pants...you know how I feel about pants.

I developed an unfortunate addiction to Brooks Brothers shirts when I chanced upon a brand new one (tags and all) at the Clothes Horse in Orchard Park. Happily they wear like iron, and there's an outlet store in Flemington.

karen said...

Brooks Brothers! (Talk about a place I can't afford...) Have you seen my BB embroidered whale pants?

I totally support your pants position. I have such a hard time finding pants that fit well so, when I do, I tend to buy them. I lucked out and found not just the cool flowered pants but also a set of basic black ones that I really like (bye-bye lattes for a while...). The Clothes Horse! I loved that place. I'm still looking for a nice consignment shop down here. There's one a few blocks away from the house here but it never seems to have anything good. There's got to be one somewhere - I just haven't found it yet...


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