30 May 2006

Third Round, Game 6 or; A Great Way to Keep My Kids Still for a While

Ross had a great day at school. Lars did all his schoolwork and helped clean up his toys. Chris made dinner. I did the banking and cleaned up after dinner. Why the bursts of industry? Hockey. It's all about hockey. The Sabres are in the third round of the playoffs and Game 6 is on now. After a disappointing game Sunday, the Sabres are down, two wins to the Hurricanes three. They have to win tonight or they're done for the season. The hope in our living room is tangible; you can smell possibility (or maybe that's the new lavendar cleaner?). We're about to end the first period ahead by one (score is 1:0, Sabres). The kids will head up for bed, maybe to have sweet dreams and awake to news of a win...

Update: WIN! 2-1, Sabres in OT. Game 7 on Thursday!

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