01 May 2006

Six weird things

This meme-based episode brought to you by Epiphany Alone and the number 6, as in six weird things about me:

1. I can split my toes as in making the "Live Long and Prosper" sign or saying "Nanu-nanu" to someone from Ork.

2. I can't fall asleep if my feet are cold.

3. Certain kinds of alcoholic drinks, Robitussin, and Mon Cheri cherries make me sneeze uncontrollably.

4. I am obsessive about cleaning my ears because I had a cat who either liked ear wax or assumed I was her kitten and therefore it was her duty to keep me clean. If I missed even one morning with the Q-tips, I'd find myself with a cat tongue in my ear the moment I sat down somewhere. Eeeeeew!

5. I put cream in the bottom of my mug first and then pour the coffee on top of it.

6. I can remember minute details about books I've read once, but can see a movie multiple times and still not be able to tell you who was in it or what it was about.


Delphi said...

Regarding number 4, my friend has a cat with a similar predeliction. I think this makes the cats weird.
Regarding number 5, that's not weird, it's intelligent. The cream mixes in much better that way.

bethie said...

six weird things about me:
1)when i have an allergy attack, i have to stomp my foot to feel better
2)i am obsessive about cleaning my ears and others around me, including, ironicly, the cat and dog
3)i get fruit smooties almost every day. when i get to the bottom i think they taste like plastic so i use the straw like a spoon and try to scoop and lick the rest off
4)when on roads which i drive down frequently, i have to drive in the same lane as usual. if someone else is driving and not in the "right" lane, i will lean towards it
5)i have to take my shoes off to go to the bathroom (it is a family thing -- ginger does it too)
6)i don't have a blog so i use my friends blogs to put up weird things about my self

Epiphany Alone said...

Funny with the ear thing. I clean my ears once a day too, otherwise my ears feel itchy. It is worse when I travel. Ironically, unlike Bethie, I don't clean my daughter's ears unless I see they need it, which is usually about every couple of weeks or so...

Fraukow said...

1.have to sleep with one goot out from other the covers or i feel like i can't breathe.

2. can't stand nuts in brownies or on ice cream - texture is SO wrong.

3. like chocolate sause on orange sherbet.

4. still can say Millard Fillmore and not fillard millmore without really consentrating.

5. can't put any make-up on or fix my hair til I've combed my eyebrows or my face looks crooked.

6. frequently desire to pick up and move to england even though i have never been there.
thanks for letting me be a blogger-on (a hanger-on for blogs)

Fraukow said...

i'm sorry that should be foot (not goot) sauce (not sause)

kasper said...

have any of you blogger-ons thought about getting a blog. i mean aren't you arleady registered here?

it would give my wife more to read... and lord knows how she loves to read.


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