12 May 2006

New Things

This has been my week for trying new things. Among the most memorable:

* Making mint juleps. What a production! Quite fun, but too much work for any other reason than a Kentucky Derby party.

* Riding an MTA NYC bus. In fourteen years of living and working in here, I've always used the subway but a co-worker insisted that the bus was the way to get from where we were to where I needed to be, so I gave it a go. I must have had a "new guy" look (despite work outfit and briefcase) because the lady next to me thought that I was a tourist and kept pointing out landmarks.

* A frozen and then thawed Cadbury Creme Egg. This was an experiment to see if buying a load of them on sale at 25 cents each was going to be a good idea. The thawed version was tasty, but the freezing/thawing process makes the fondant center much more solid (think Whitman's creme centers) than the never frozen version. I prefer Creme Egg centers runny, so will stick to buying only as much as can be reasonably eaten during Creme Egg season. Please note there is no danger to the Cadbury company finances as my normal seasonal consumption probably ensures the regional guy here does pretty well.

* A deep-tissue massage. It was not a very relaxing massage to get although I felt good afterwards, as if I'd just completed an invigorating workout. I will probably not have another - I'd rather play hockey to get that just-worked-out feeling and have a relaxing massage.

* A Starbucks Mochacino. I usually order the Frappacino - a frozen confection with whipped cream and caramel that can't even pretend to be coffee. It was sort of cold, though, and I figured maybe the hot version would be equally sugary and good. Alas, the mochacino tries to hard to be coffee but misses by having too much goop in it. I don't like goop in actual coffee.

What new things did you do?


Spice Girl said...

I went to early childhood music classes with both of my sons this week. We ba-da-ba-da-bummed our way through 45 minutes, tossing flourescent scarves into the air, shaking egg maracas, using pom-poms to "paint" the wall, floor, windows, each other's hair...

And I also got to put eye-drops in my husband's eyes; we discovered he has pink-eye for the very first time. Lucky him.

Rob said...

Lame, but this week I drove on an NYC highway I'd never been on before, (and didn't really know where it was) the Jackie Robinson Parkway.

Colleen said...

I took my daughter on a mini-vacation this week. Turns out she's not much of a traveler yet and we had to cut the trip short. :(

Hope you're doing well, Karen!


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