24 April 2006

Just before the school bus comes, I usually collect the mail. So, I went out today and found an ants’ nest in the mailbox - thousands of our favorite tiny kitchen variety, complete with eggs. I got some bug stuff and sprayed the nest until nothing more was wiggling and went inside to wash my hands, where I found my younger son sitting in a halo of what might have been cat hair. When I curiously brushed at a few pieces on his shirt he said, “I didn’t cut my hair with my homework scissors, Mama.” Oh, really? With a resigned sigh, I steered him upstairs to repair the damage as best I could. He still looks a little patchy but it’s better than it was. After a quick run through the bathroom with the vacuum, I sprinted back downstairs to answer the phone…it was my neighbor calling to say my older son was at her house because, of course, between the ants and the haircut I totally blew off the school bus.



Epiphany Alone said...

Gee, no time just to get into the normal schedule after vacation from these guys, huh?

I like Lars' answer. Lauren's stock answer when she's just done something bad is either "I didn't do anything" or "Don't SAY anything".

Uh huh.

Fraukow said...

They say that stay-at-home Mom's have the most stressful job (next to air traffic controllers) there is. A working-at-home-when-not-working-in-NYC-Mom has it that much harder. Not that we doubted that, but you sure managed to prove it!


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