06 April 2006

Shiny Things

"Mama! You're here! Daddy is saying I have to find his wrenches but he let me take them and I had five shiny things and I counted them right over here but now I need Ross to help me find them and we were playing hide and go seek and I was doing hiding behind the shed but I didn't have any shiny things there and then I stood on this stoop and I had five but they were in my hands (clasps hands) and we went on this path to the other woods and I was running here (runs here) and then I only had one shiny thing missing from my pinkie (waggles pinkie) and it must be here (flings arm outward in arc toward woods) and then I got them off the porch and I had FIVE. And they were SHINY. And, I had five. Ross! Help me find them! We were over here!" (runs off toward the woods again)

My advice: don't ever try to reconstruct half an hour of playtime in the woods with your five year old. If you've lost something smaller than, say, a house, you have no hope of finding it. Have a drink with your mate to calm them down about it and just buy another set of sockets.

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