22 April 2008

Twenty Minutes A Day

Twenty minutes of reading per day is a constant homework assignment. Ross is currently plowing his way through the Bruce Coville books. We own many of them but Ross prefers to get them from the school library - he seems to think his reading time is weighted more heavily if he reads a library book than if he chooses something from our own shelves.

Kippah had a vet visit and shots today and wasn't feeling her best. In an effort to lift her spirits, Lars dragged a chair over near the cat tower and read to her. I think she liked his reading because she stopped looking so glum and fell asleep.


Grandmoo said...

I think it's so sweet that Lars already shows empathy and compassion toward others, and that he views being read to as a gift. Ross's expression reminds me so much of you at the same age... plowing through with great seriousness anything that captured your attention. They're both on a wonderful path!

Sister K said...

what great pix to capture the moments!

Spice Girl said...

I saw Bruce Coville at a conference last summer. He was hysterical, so I ended up buying a bunch of his books and got them autographed. Samuel loved his.


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