15 April 2008

Pixie Is Not Amused

We learned a few things about Pixie this week. She speaks at least seven languages! We heard from her about the kitten in all of them. Despite Carolyn's mild mannered disguise, I know now that she had a secret life as a cargo sailor...some of the words her cat knows made me blush! It's a good thing the kids are of an age where they just don't listen, otherwise there'd be notes from the school for sure.

Kippah is clearly not yet classically schooled. At 11 weeks, she barely speaks cat, let alone Urdu or port Greek, so she pretty much ignores Pixie's comments. For two days, this infuriated Pixie so much that she'd stalk off, yelling, whenever Kippah entered a room. Today, though, Pixie reduced the comments and even (grudgingly) allowed Kippah to exist in the same room!

A few more days and Pixie will have figured out that kids are around to do all the pesky chores you don't like to do and all will be right in our world again.


Grandmoo said...

Kippah looks so big for only 11 weeks! I love the snowy whiteness, and your yard looks wonderful. I can imagine the aroma of spring. I can't wait to get there! (Hint: Tell the boys I'm brining them something shiny.)

karen said...

Kippah looks big in her pictures! She's really only the size of a squirrel - she has a lot of fluff to her. Also, Pixie is a small cat so the comparison factor is a bit misleading.

Sister K said...

that's too cute how they each have their own window! it's funny....they do look bigger in the pix!

Amanda said...

Poor boo!


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