25 April 2008

Kitten Update: 11 Weeks

Kippah's first trip to the veterinarian went very well. Our vet is only a few blocks away, so the car ride (seemed to be the worst part for her) was quite short. Once at the vet, she charmed everyone with her total cuteness and was even adorable while getting her shots. She weighed in right on schedule - almost three pounds at almost three months. The vet said to expect her to gain about a pound a month, which means she'll be about the same size as Pixie by the fall.

In social news, Kippah is very fond of chasing scraps of paper, laser dots, strings, and bugs. It only took her two head bashes into the sliding glass door to learn that it will always be more solid than her head. We're on six water squirts for climbing the screen door and, while I don't think she's quite got it out of her system, she's at least looking around to see if anyone's watching before climbing up it. Pixie is also a tattle, if nobody seems to be noticing Kippah scale the screens, Pixie can be counted on to raise the alarm. Kippah has not yet thought to seek revenge for this betrayal. When she does, I'm guessing that will be a good time to get her spayed.


Chaotic Joy said...

Sooo cute. Our family has a kitten waiting for us at our vet. We have a few more weeks before he can leave his mama, but I am more excited than the kids I think. And your Kippah updates are stringing me in!

Sister K said...

aw...i think kippah and zoe would love to play together! she's so cute :)

http://www.moopasture.com said...

The reflection is so adorable! I'd forgotten about the gold old water squirt training for kitties...Kat needs that for Zoe!


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