19 April 2008

Spring Flowers

It's been sunny and gorgeous this week and the kids have been out playing in the woods. After school on Thursday, a day I spent in the city, they picked armloads of flowers for me. Chris helped them with vases (including milk pitchers and shot glasses for the shorter stemmed blooms) and water and I came home to a house that smelled wonderful and looked even better! To burst my heart even further, Ross informed me that they'd ONLY picked the flowers that were far into the woods - the ones we can't see from the house. Sure enough, the patches of wild daffodils we can see from the kitchen and upstairs bath are still dotted with yellow and white. Last year, the boys picked all of those for me and, while I loved the gesture, I missed seeing the flowers out the windows. I'm in awe that Ross remembered that fact.

I got to work at home on Friday, so was able to enjoy my flowers all day. I love the little bunch in the cow pitcher, which has all our different kinds of daffodil, the only hyacinth they could find that wasn't in a garden, and the little white flowers that provide the great scent - I have no clue what they are called. Daffodils are, for the record, the only flower our deer have never eaten, so we have huge patches of them all over the place.

Today, when I got to the point of the day when I wanted to wring a little neck or two, I went and sniffed the flowers a bit before going upstairs. There were still some stern remarks regarding bedtime but, on the whole, it will be better if the boys never know just how much I love their gift!


Chaotic Joy said...

Oh my heart just melted. What a lovely surprise. Truly.

Sister K said...

oh how wonderful! i can smell the sweet fragrance from here through my congested nose. they have great taste! :) when you come here, hopefully there will still be some roses to pick for you :) i did have a hummingbird make a brief visit to the garden yesterday!

Spice Girl said...

That's the one splurge I made last week when I went grocery shopping. Bunches of Irish daffodils 3 for $5. I have a large ceramic coffeepot (I know, what am I DOING with a coffeepot--it was Grammy's) filled with the blooms, just beginning to wilt. But--hurray--tomorrow's grocery day again!

Grandmoo said...

OOOH! I was on the phone with Chris when they trooped into the house. The joy and ebulliance was clearly audible here in AZ! These are gorgeous. With flowers like that, who needs a new kitchen? By the way, I think the little white flowers are called "little white flowers." :-)

Missy said...

I believe your little white flowers are part of the Narcissus species (which are basically, daffodils), possibly the Narcisus Jonquil which is known to be fragrant.

Check it out:

(because I have nothing better to do with my time - hah!)


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