21 April 2008

Scary Bushes

Lars and I are on the way home from hockey team tryouts. He's in the back, telling me which parts of the tryout were fun and which part (only one exercise) he didn't like. Lars feels pretty confident that he'll be called back for the second tryout session on Wednesday and is excited about skating for the Bears again.

After hockey talk, there's a bit of quiet as he checks out evidence of road construction starting up soon. "Mama," he says, "Can we rent a pick-up truck?"

"Do you have something we need to pick up?"

"Yes, something SCARY!"

"You have something scary to pick up? What is it? Is it big?"

"You have too many questions, Mama. We only need a pick-up truck. A red pick-up truck. And big. It should be really big."

"Ok, then. Only one question...what scary thing do we have to pick up?"



Anonymous said...

Maybe he's planning to drive over and through the construction. Better get one roof lights and a siren. (Maybe if they're still working in June, I can try out the "detour" feature of the GPS.

Grandmoo said...

Gosh darnnit...the Anonymous was me clicking the wrong thing again. Sorry!

karen said...

You'll probably have to! It looks like they're planning to rip up the closest bridge over Rt. 22. It won't be a huge deal for me, though. Since the new Sbux opened last year, I've been using one bridge over anyhow...

Anonymous said...

you haven't shown him "Holy Grail", have you? Maybe he means "shrubbery".

Amanda said...

Oh! Is he trying to make his walk to school less frightening>

I love that he insisted on re.

Grandmoo said...

Maybe red is in case the bushes start on fire.


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