26 April 2008

National Day of Puppetry

Did you know today was the National Day of Puppetry? No? Don't feel too badly - I didn't either. Lars has been going to activities in our local 4H center, though, and today's was a Puppet Adventure. The event was co-sponsored by the Garden State Puppetry Guild and offered three classes in puppetry before lunch and a puppet show after.

Lars made a turtle shadow puppet, which was eaten by the Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly (we don't know why). Lars also made a rat sock puppet, which came in handy for The Pied Piper of Hamlin. Ross had no interest in signing up for the day and had even been a bit grumpy over having to go see the puppet show this afternoon. He stopped fussing when he found out we'd have subs for lunch and then, when he found out that Lars would be IN the puppet show, you could tell Ross was thinking he might have enjoyed the program after all. We all sat to enjoy the different puppet performances and nobody was more happy than Ross when the man leading the Pied Piper skit needed a kid who could read - one who had not made a rat sock puppet - to play the Mayor. Ross is the arm with the yellow strip running shoulder to elbow and the Mayor puppet; Lars is the black rat that pops up just to the right, in front. I forgot to bring an actual camera so, wound up taking the pics and video with my phone.

After the puppet fun, the boys played ball in the side yard with the neighborhood kids and we had roasted chicken with new potatoes and asparagus - one of our favorite one-pan recipes for dinner, which made a great finish to the day.


Grandmoo said...

How cool is that! For a moment, when I read that you didn't make Ross participate, I was reminded that while Gramma always made me force anything I hated to eat down, she never seemed to insist that I try the mushrooms.... years later, trying them in secret, I finally figured out why! Ross is going to figure out your tactics way earlier than I did!

Sister K said...

how neat!!!! what a fun and unique activity for today!!! and having just gotten home from work, your dinner is tooootally mouth watering!!!!!


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