22 February 2008

Leaky Freckles

Lars is standing next to me, peering hopefully at the computer in case I might be doing Webkinz. Unfortunately for him, I'm working - also seven letters and starts with W but not nearly as much fun to watch. Looking over at him, I notice a freckle just behind his ear. "Did you know you have a little freckle back here," I ask, touching it gently with a little tickle. "I think you should move it out here on your nose, where it belongs," I say with a little poke to the tip of his nose.

He looks at me with a grin, "Mama! I want my freckle back there. I moved it from up here (indicates forehead, near top of nose) last week."

"Well, what did you do THAT for? If you'd left the freckle there, gravity would've had it down on your nose properly in just a few years! See my nose? All MY freckles are right there, where they belong."

Another grin. "No....you have a LOT of freckles on your ear! So many they are spillin' out your ear!"

"Oh! Is THAT what I clean up with Q-tips every morning? Leaky freckles?"

A solemn nod, "Yes. It's true! Leaky freckles."


Sister K said...

LOL...see if they still have that book "freckle juice"...i bet he'd like that!

Chaotic Joy said...

Oh this was such a silly charming conversation, it just makes me want to come join your family.


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