16 February 2008

Lars: Party Report

"I got a GLOWSTICK! And another one, to take home!"

"We had hotdogs for dinner. Pizza is more fun but we had hotdogs so I ate those. And, I said 'thank you,' I didn't say, 'but I wanted pizza,' Mama, you were SO proud."

"It was me and Dylan and Nicholas with Evan and we slept in a TENT! In the house! We really did."

"These are my bugs from the Bug Hunt. I used my torch to find them in all the dark places. They are toy bugs, though, Mama, so I didn't have to squish them for you."
[Ed. note: Since the age of 18mos, Lars has been chief bug squisher at home. He'll do in any bug, barefooted, without a second thought. I appreciate his ability and willingness...but eeeew.]

"Evan opened his presents right in front of us!"

"We watched a movie and then we went to bed and do you know what? We went to sleep ....PAST MY USUAL BEDTIME. We really did!"

All in all, I'd say the first sleepover was a hit.


Grandmoo said...

Do you mean to say that Lars doesn't vacuum the bugs up as Kat does, or spray them with hairspray as I do? That party does sound like a BIG HIT what fun!

Sister K said...

oh i can hear his excitement right in your post! i LOVE it! what a great reason to smile :)

Epiphany Alone said...

Can we have a sleepover party? That sounds like so much fun!


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