22 February 2008

How Do You Spell, 'Cheez-It'?

Ross had to be collected from school today for assorted stomach related disaster reasons. Lars observed the collection from the playground and managed to develop a "large sore throat" that had the school nurse ringing Chris by the time he'd made it back to the house with Ross. Thankfully, a little gargle to soothe the throat enabled Lars to finish out the day, collect his own and Ross' homework, and get the bus home.

The first grade is learning units of measure and the assignment today was for Lars to find four small objects, measure them and draw them on his homework paper, showing the units he measured. You may recall we're having a bit of an affair with Cheddar Jack Cheez-Its? (Oh, who are we kidding? Sunline Brands is practically sending us birthday presents - even our CAT is crazy for them!) Lars is no fool! Set to the task of finding small things to measure and draw, he turned first to his snack. He sketched the Cheez-It with excruciating detail, measured, recorded, and then called out, "Daddy? How do you spell Cheez-It?" Chris assures me that three other items were selected to complete the assignment but he is unable to recall a single one of them. Here's hoping CPS takes a pass on the chance to call on us regarding our blissfully unhealthy choice of snack foods. Failing that, here's hoping Lars can also diagram a celery stalk, if it comes to that.

1 comment:

Grandmoo said...

If Lars had first attached his pencil after measuring it, he couldn't have written down the measurement and wouldn't have had to find three other things.


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