15 February 2008

Departing Partier

Lars is going to his first sleepover party tonight - a much anticipated gathering that will have a camping theme. He has been alternately so excited that you can't understand his speech and so apprehensive that you'd think we were sending him to sleep among strangers under a bridge. Luckily, at the time of departure, he was on an excited upswing. I gave him nighttime kisses in the living room which he returned joyfully, without seeming the least bit disturbed. The host family are good friends of ours who live only a few blocks away and the party is for a small group of close friends. There will be pizza and glee for all, I'm sure! Well, ok, maybe not all. The poor parents who have invited four seven-year-old boys into a home with three boys in it already might not be exactly gleeful until tomorrow morning, when all the extra kids go home...


Chaotic Joy said...

Yay for Lars! Can't wait for the update.

Sister K said...

oh my gosh....my wonderful nephews are growing up so faaaaaaaast!


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