12 June 2007

You Googled What?

In the last three days, people have stumbled upon my blog via some amusing Google searches:
  • can chipmunks move cement
  • When does Talbots sale start?
  • ear ache snort salt water
  • knee scab
  • pants with whales on them
  • Can beef be slightly defrosted and then defrosted?
  • chipmunk infestation
  • best songs for your senior year
  • history of the tooth fairy in spring fairy
  • whale pants
  • famous goalie
  • profession with the most tough choices
  • birthday haiku
  • haiku about school
  • enough poem
I hope the searchers are looking for entertainment more than practical advice!


Loralee Choate said...

My top search is "Looney Tunes Porn".

Yah. I know. Creepy.

Joy, of course! said...

That's so interesting. How do you know this information?


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