16 June 2007

Lego Party Aftershock

Lars is looking through the Lego Magazine he got at the birthday party he went to in the Lego Store this week. He points to a page. "I have this guy," another point, "and this one." He waves gently at two other figures on the page, "So, all I need is this guy and that guy. All we have to do is drrrrrriiiive to the Lego Store, and buy this guy and that guy, and then drive home! I will put them together and that's all! It's easy! See?"


Grandmoo said...

Obvious! Eeezzeee!!!! Like sticking the card in the the and having money come out....Eeezzeee!!!!

The Plaid Sheep said...

Of course. I bet you were wondering why you didn't think of it yourself.


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