19 June 2007

Lars Got Mail

A couple of weeks ago, OMSH sent an invitation to participate in a sticker exchange that Kerflop started. I'm not much for chainmail but this was stickers for little kids and even more importantly, Lars was completely excited about the idea of writing to penpals. So, I compromised - Lars selected stickers and wrote notes to the two kids already on the list, but we didn't send the message ahead. In exchange, OMSH sent some stickers to Lars and WOW, was he excited!

First, the package was triangular. Nobody gets a triangular box! In the mail!

Second, there was not a package for Ross! This fact was observed in a 'this event is a special event just for me' sort of way, rather than a 'let me gloat over how much my brother does not have a package' way.

Third, the package contained HOCKEY stickers! They are the fabulous reusable kind that can be moved from playroom to car to bedroom, effortlessly following you through your day. (Note: I earned one Worst Mother point for not allowing him to even try asking the school bus driver if he could bring a window cling on board today.)

After opening the package and examining all the wonderful things inside - DUCKS! MY WINNING DUCKS! AND SABRES! MY FAVORITE GUYS! ON MY FAVORITE HOCKEY TEAM! - Lars set about affixing the return label and the corporate logo sticker carefully to the enclosed packing slip. Done, he handed the packing slip to me with solomn instructions to put it somewhere to keep for always. Then, he bounded off to show everyone in the neighborhood his wonderful new stickers and, if you live in the Western Hemisphere, I'm sure you heard him!


Grandmoo said...

THAT's teh noise that woke me up this morning! (It's very early here when your mail arrives.) Please tell Lars that those stickers look absolutely WONDERFUL! How exciting!

OMSH said...

Weeeee! I win the sticker award! Right? Right?! hahahaha

I love it!


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