04 June 2007

Menu Planning

Two recipes before me on colored cards, and I --
I picked the one that matched my manicure.


Grandmoo said...

your fingers look SO pretty! (she pecks w one hand while her other fingers have turned to ugly, bloated greenish-black lumps that won't move)

Joy, of course! said...

Oh! There were recipes in the picture...all I noticed was your gorgeous fingers. Nail bitten nubs here, there's no hope for me.

Hope the chicken was good.

Navilyn said...

They both look tasty!

ps: nice rings...

Fraukow said...

So classy! Did your drink match your manicure too, like a proper southern belle?

karen said...

@ grandmoo: Just think - you won't be able to pick your nails for weeks...they'll be lovely! (Even if they're greenish-black)

@ joy: Ging can attest to the fact that my nails are usually broken nubs, too. She actually gave me the Eyebrows of Surprise and Wonder when she saw how long my nails were at Bethi's shower. Obviously MY nails have been abducted by aliens!

@ navilyn: thanks! and thanks! My rings go very well with my nice husband. :)

@ fraukow: Sadly, no. My drink matched the hockey on TV, rather than my manicure. I live in NJ, though, so I think it's ok.

sister k said...

GREAT manicure!!!!!!!! & cute recipe cards.


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