14 June 2007

Flag Day Show

The kindergarten gave a Flag Day Show today, featuring songs and poetry enthusiastically performed before an end-of-year party in their classrooms. Here's a clip that should make Aunt Kat smile nostalgically and Grandmoo wonder again how Kath and I managed to survive until adulthood:


Grandmoo said...

It is precisely due to such enriching experiences that you survived to adulthood. This brought nostalgic tears to my eyes. I'm thrilled that another generation has learned every worf! (Lars' class was better yhan yours!) Yeah Lars!!!

karen said...

Where the possiblity of death was concerned, I was thinking of the time Kath and I sang the song endlessly through what is, in my memory, the entire 3-1/2 hour trip from our house to Gramma & Grampa's!

Epiphany Alone said...

I'm very impressed. Our school system doesn't have such high production values: costumes AND props?! Choreographed routines? Awesome!

sister k said...

awesome job! hugs to all & may you never forget the real words :) (the other day on tv, they actually put in random words to this patriotic tune & i was sad to see it...not a song to play around w/ the lyrics)


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