10 June 2007

Swaparooni! Pink & Green, part 3

My swap package has arrived! Chris joined me on the porch to open it and the kids appeared shortly after to share the roll of staff photographer. Here's a picture of all the wonderful stuff Sarah sent for me:

The book is called "Edible Gifts" and is full of simple recipes for treats that can be made as gifts. Unlike directions from Martha, these instructions seem feasible. Ross and I have already picked out a couple that we'll try soon!

The socks are the softest things you've ever felt and aren't too heavy - they will be perfect for wearing to bed or when I'm lounging with cream on my feet. There are two little notebooks, one with an elastic band to keep it from flying open in my briefcase and getting the pages crushed. The flower magnets are so cute and the plaid paper case is FABULOUS! I'll use it for storing something in my cubbies, so I'll be able to see it often - it'll make me smile.

Lars took pictures first - my favorite is the one he got of me checking out the little mirror:

After some nudging, he gave the camera to Ross who captured me with the Sour Patch Kids (the look on my face is, "Oh, so you think I'll share these?"):

The box of notecards is a big hit, too! Pink with green frogs!:

Toile! Fraukow is definitely getting a note soon:

Lars likes the polka dot cards best, as they match the box. He also checked to be sure we got all four designs as shown on the package insert. Quality control may be a good career for him...

Ice cream dishes? Already in use!


Missy said...

Looks like fun! I notice you dressed to match the 'pink and green' occasion!

Grandmoo said...


The Plaid Sheep said...

That is a most excellent assortment. I'll have to check the book out at the bookstore.

karen said...

The outfit was a happy accident! I do wear a lot of green and Lars doesn't like my fingernails "blank" so they've been pink pretty often lately. :)


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