05 June 2007

Self Portraits of the Artist as a Young Man

And, finally, the picture he was trying to take, of his favorite Sideways Head Pose (note: this one was not self-inflicted):


OMSH said...

What is the story with the sideways head pose? bwahahahaha

He's a doll!

Grandmoo said...

glad to see the uniforms still fit; can you get them both into full regalia still? when your sons figure out how danged adorable they are, you're going to have to bar the doors! I so much love seeing Lars smile.

Joy, of course! said...

See...I knew all park rangers were cuties.

karen said...

@ OMSH: Per Lars, "I like my head sideways like this (tips head, points to chin), Mama. It's how I stand for all my pictures."

Oh, really? Well ok, then.

@ grandmoo: Only one shirt and one pair of shorts still fit but they fit both, so get plenty of use!

slouching mom said...

He is adorable. Adorable!

Epiphany Alone said...

Oh my gosh, he looks like a clone of Chris in that second shot. :)


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