15 June 2007


Last week, my mom fell while rollerblading and broke her wrist. This week, she got upgraded from a full-arm immobilizing splint contraption to a snazzy short cast in the color of her choice (she chose well, I think!). Lars, upon seeing the picture asked, "Why did Grandmoo pick a purple cast?" I told Lars that Grandmoo picked purple to match his bowling ball and his eyes went wide! "She's crazy," he commented, "We can't go bowling with her arm in that purple thing!"

Ross was standing near by, also looking at the picture of Grandmoo's cast. "I want an iPod. That's for Christmas. My iPod. So you know," he said, one finger in the air to accent the presentation of his point. Chris and I stared at him with quizzical grins, wondering how to best address the abrupt segue. Ross didn't seem to register any of our concern and, raising his finger just a bit higher as a flourish, turned and left the room. Think he wants a purple iPod?

1 comment:

Grandmoo said...

As usual, Lars is brilliantly astute and Ross is maddenly focused. (Now might be a great time to offer an iPod in exchange for doing all his homework with an equal amount of concentration.)


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