16 October 2006

Where the Wild Things Are, episode 231

If the lovely spring bloom on the azaleas this year wasn't confirmation enough that vigorously trimming them last year was a good move, the deer have come to feast on the luscious new growth. Never mind that these azaleas grow as a border to the back deck, a few feet from the house. Never mind that I can hear the deer munching through the window of my den. These deer are in utopia! Lush greenery and woodland on all sides with houses just close enough together to prevent hunting. Here's one having her lunch:

She got that look on her face after I started talking to her out the window. Not that I expect she understands what I say, but her look pretty clearly says, "Do you think she's talking to me?"

Here's the response from her friend, "I didn't know she'd be home! You're hidden pretty well, but I'm caught out without cover behind the little house!"


Epiphany Alone said...

Are these the now grown up babies from the spring?

Their mama taught them your yard contained all things delicious...

karen said...

These probably are deer from this year's crop and you're right, they were sort of brought up here.

Ross reported from his tree that the woodchuck/racoon couple have broken up. The woodchuck still lives under our shed but the racoon has moved under the neighbor's shed at the top of our yard. They apparently come out and glare at each other now, rather than going around companionably.


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