15 October 2006

Not From Hockey

What happens when a nearly 40-pound boy leans on a table leaf that has been secured in the "up" position by his five-year-old brother? If you said, "Blood comes out," you win! He was unhappy at first but when he calmed down and noticed the marked resemblance he bore to a real hockey player, he was much happier.

What happens when Mama moves things around in a room and then, later, crashes through on her way to the bathroom without turning on a light? If you said, "Blood comes out," you missed this time. She does get some impressive heat in the hand she mashed onto the rocker and a nice lump on one knee, which Ross treated with the Boo-Boo Fish (thanks, Wisa!) and a bag of frozen peas (not pictured).

It's too bad we're all so well padded while playing hockey. If we could attain respectable bruises at the rink, we wouldn't need to get creative with tables and bags of donation clothes!

P.S. Wings D won our first game of the season! I didn't score but got one assist so was not entirely decorative.


Rob said...

How much longer do you think you're going to be able to get away with the "Oh, he hurt himself" excuse before the government steps in? Come on, you're already known for sending PEANUT BUTTER to school! You might as well be a child abuser.

It's amazing that we all made it through our puberty and into our adultery without the government's help.

karen said...

The peanut butter does put us on some lists, I'm sure. If they come this week, they'll find a new bruise on the other cheek from falling off a playhouse in the neighbor's yard and a small cut on Little's forehead from where he learned he couldn't fly from there, either. Ahhhh...boys!

Kathryn said...

hey now, i'm a girl and i have a very nice battle scar from the stitches on my eyebrow from learning i could not fly. at least like superman! glad the gang is okay and that the cuts didn't happen a few inches below! as for your lumps? you could imagine they came from that 1st assist! congrats on your wins :)

Fraukow said...

Andrew is very proud of all his scars and can tell you how he got them. Lucas just likes to tell you about his silver tooth. scars add character!


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