29 October 2006

Nutshell: This Weekend

  • Boys' skating clinic (blocks! goals!)
  • Long phone talk with Mom. She's having her entire house renovated - lucky! Aside from horrible construction clean-up, she'll get to enjoy a totally new kitchen, fresh paint (new colors!) in all the rooms, and new flooring throughout her house.
  • Scrubbed & primed "The Lab" (1/4 of the basement the kids play in). I can't take any credit for having done this - it's all Chris.
  • Epic battle between Jedi Yoda and Darth Boots (Boots, the monkey from Dora weilding a Darth Maul double ended red light sabre)
  • Target/HD run for supplies
  • Book Group! Bibliofilly invited me to join her reading circle and I went to my first meeting this weekend. I wasn't sure quite what to expect but enjoyed what actually was and am looking forward to the next one. The book we discussed this time was "The Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollan.
  • Pancakes for breakfast (our standard Sunday fare)
  • More painting (Chris & Lars)
  • Scorekeeping & Penalty Box Door at UWHL game (Karen & Ross)
  • Game 2 for Mama, at home w/Family Cheering Section (we won!)
  • Wegmans run
  • Subs for dinner
  • DH & Hot Brick Toddys after the kids were asleep
How was your weekend?


Grandmoo said...

YOu make it sound like someone is coming in to rennovate the house FOR me! (As she types with her last remaining finger that still functions).

Grandmoo's Evil Twin said...

The woman edits books and can't spell renovate!

Epiphany Alone said...

Well, she WAS typing with one finger. Gotta cut Grandmoo some slack...

Missy said...

My weekend:
Friday night: Witches and Wizard's Ball (did got to bed till 7 am on Sat)

Sat: Wake up with a cold, decide against my own better judgement to go to an event all night out in the desert -- its freakin' cold out there! Get sicker, get home around 9am sunday morning.

Sun: In bed all day sick

Mon: in bed

Tues: in bed.

Boy am I paying for it!!! and there were more gatherings and parties that I missed due to gettins sick...bummer!


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