15 October 2006

Household S'mores

A week or so ago, Fraukow called to say she'd discoverd that S'mores can be made in your toaster oven! We got the message late at night, after a particularly exhausting week so the good news was a nice perk up. Sadly, while we did have some mini-marshmallows (you never know when you might need to make cocoa), we didn't have any graham crackers or Hershey bars in our larder. It was depressing...until I remembered the emergency box of Chips Ahoy cookies I'd picked up! Chris took our improvised materials and set to work:

The results were wonderful - a perfect late night, pick-me-up snack. I also learned that Chips Ahoy cookies are really good toasted, marshmallows aside. Just one more reason to love the toaster oven!


now i'm hungry... said...

mmmmmm.....great ideas!

Fraukow said...

glad it turned out well!


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