31 October 2006

Halloween 2006

Halloween at our house is heralded by the arrival of a box from Momo containing the costumes she's made for the boys. There's always great anticipation - the boys choose who they'd like to be and send Momo pictures (when she doesn't know the character) but they don't see their costumes until just before the day. Of course, they try them on as soon as the box is opened:

Lars is Boots the Monkey and Ross is Yoda:

Costume wearings will continue until it gets hot next summer and will resume in cold weather for as long as they can squeeze into the outfits! Here they are opening another exciting package - this one containing gifts from Japan:

Here's Yoda as part of the school parade:

And a wave from Boots:

Finally, the business end of the holiday...ready to trick-or-treat! Blue (from Blue's Clues) and a growly tiger cub came over but I sadly forgot to take any pictures. Heather put up a few pictures of the girls in their costumes on her blog, though, if you're in the mood for some more cuteness.

Happy Halloween!


Colleen said...

Their costumes are awesome! How near that they are handmade. Makes it that much more special.

Aunt Kat :) said...

Hey guys! I love your costumes and the costume parade! Did you have fun trick or treating this year?! :)

Epiphany Alone said...

The costumes were so great. Outside of an actual costume shop, I've never seen anything quite so impressive. Big snaps to Momo.


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