25 October 2006

And The Answer Is...

Credit card fraud. The very generous travel gift certificates (although maybe not so generous when you consider that I'm meant to pay for them myself) that arrived yesterday were only the tip of it - nearly $2400 was spent over the last week, in travel expenses and software purchases and what appears to have been a fast-cash loan payback. Thankfully, American Express is great - we called them as soon as we realized and they're taking care of everything.

So, how do I feel in the wake of having my account number heisted? Oddly, I don't really feel violated, which is how I always thought I would feel; I'm more annoyed that Chris and I have to spend our time dealing with it. Calling AmEx was fast and painless. Calling the credit reporting agencies to place a fraud alert was also pretty quick. The annoying part will be going around updating all the accounts (cable, phones, subscriptions, utilities, EZPass, Starbucks, etc...) that automatically charge to my AmEx each month. I won't get the new card for a few days and we're due for all the month-end billings, which means a slew of calls I'll have to make twice - one now to stop the automatic billing and another after the card gets here to start it up again. Big fun...NOT. I'm also annoyed that the perpetrator had the audacity to charge travel with a company that doesn't service any of the airports I live near. With three major airports to choose from, I think it was a pretty inconsiderate thing to do.

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Colleen said...

Wow. This happened to me a few months back and it was a real bummer and inconvenience. Someone in Thailand "guessed" a bunch of visa debit card numbers and mine just happened to be one of them. They charged over $800 but the bank gave it all back. The frustrating part was waiting days and days to get the money credited to my checking account!

I'm sorry you had to experience this.

Do you know how they got your number?


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