14 October 2006

Relative Value

Ross brought his Own Money to the arena today, so he could buy something from the vending machine after hockey practice. For 65 cents, he got a 5-stick pack of gum...unreal! I used to think five cents per stick was a lot. Ross was really proud of his purchase, though, so I kept my mouth shut about it and let him enjoy sharing his Own Gum with his brother and friends.

On the way home, we passed a garage sale with a few pieces of wicker porch furniture out. I've been wanting some nicer porch chairs (we've mainly got dollar store plastic now), so I decided to stop. I've been looking at stores and catalogs but wicker is SO expensive and I don't think I'd like the fake wicker (which isn't really that much less). The hosts of the sale turned out to be moving and were in, "Please take it! We don't want to
move it!" mode - lucky me!! $20 got the whole set:

I guess I can excuse the really expensive gum if that karmic 40 cents pushed the furniture our way!


Epiphany Alone said...

It's lovely! How can you beat $20 for an entire set of wicker?

Wow. Fruit Juicy has doubled in price since my college days.

Alec said...

woohoo! and Chris looks so comfy in that chair! He must have climbed some great steps to get to it!

Fraukow said...

Very nice, did the cushions come with it? looks like chris needs a beer!

karen said...

The cushions did come with! I'm not sure I would have chosen them myself, but I do think they look nice now that they're in place. Chris did need a beer! He was busy complaining that we *never* sit on the porch, so we didn't need furniture. Maybe we *never* sit on the porch (except for every time alec & co. are over) because we didn't have enough chairs? :P


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