07 August 2006


I get a week at home on my own!


1. House stays neat for 24 hours (or more!) in a row.
2. Pixie appears in more parts of the house than usual.
3. Quiet.
4. No bother about cooking.


1. Squish all your own spiders, no matter how large or hairy.
2. Quiet.
3. No bother about cooking.
4. Miss my boys (all three).
5. Miss my boys.
6. Miss my boys.


Fraukow said...

for me the lack of sleep due tio being alone would totally cancel out any good. see you sat!!!

karen said...

True - I haven't been to sleep before 2am since they left. I tried to cajole Pixie into a cuddle on the papasan around midnight, but she wasn't up for it.



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