20 August 2006

*REAL* Money

We took the kids out to one of their favorite stores this afternoon, so they could choose something new to buy with their own money. Before going, I got each of them aside to count their spending money so we'd know how much they had. At seven, Ross is old enough to responsibly carry his own money, if he'd like. Still five, Lars doesn't get the option yet. After the reckoning and before we left the house, the boys compared amounts. Lars had more money overall but Ross had his in his pocket. Upon this discovery, Lars came to find me. He solomnly asked if he could be careful with his own money, too. Not the dollars, his real money - the circle kind.

Oh, for the innocent days when the circle kind was more important than paper or plastic!


Colleen said...

Great new look!

rob said...


some days I come home with more of the circle kind than the paper kind.

karen said...

Thanks, Colleen! I wasn't after a change until my husband said he was having trouble making his work...I wound up doing my own as I tried to figure out if I could help. In the end, I couldn't (didn't?) but got a cool new look anyhow. :P

Rob, I almost always have more of the circle kind than the paper kind. Lars thinks I'm just the LUCKIEST.


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