28 August 2006

College Prep

Lunch discussion, over boxed mac-n-cheese and applesauce:

"What if there was a Rama* truck, like an ice-cream truck but full of Rama, that would come on our street?"

"And we'd see it and we'd get some money from Mama and then we'd run out and buy Rama! Right from the truck!"

"And then we'd eat it and go and get more Rama!"

"And the guy would say, 'Oh no! I'm out of Rama! I have to go to the grocery store - I'll be right back!'"

"That would be SO cool!"

*Rama = Ramen noodles, a current lunchtime love. Yellow is the favorite flavor, followed by red, with blue taking a distant third place. Chris won't allow pink into the house - apparently, even fake shrimp flavor comes under the ban.

As Lady Epiphany heads back to University for her first semester in a long time, she's reminding me of allllll the fun (orientation! tuition! dorms! fees!) I have to look forward to when my kids head off for college. Luckily, they won't go for another ten years, give or take. By then, maybe I'll have them prepared to face a bit more than just college food?


Epiphany Alone said...

Sneaking in the hotpot so you could make mac n cheese or ramen on those "can't bear to walk a mile to eat crappy dining hall food" evenings. I used to buy cans of tuna and mix them in with the mac. I also had a toaster. MMM. Poptarts for dessert.

The little boy (a junior) giving the bus tour at Rutgers said that living in the high rises in New Brunswick near the College Avenue Campus is "like grown up living". Oooh.

karen said...

Grown up living, eh? If young Horatio only knew!

Missy said...

I would have to agree that the pink ones are too scary also! Hey, I'll never forget sitting on the floor with my roomie hand-peeling potatoes in an attempt to celebrate Hanukah! (blood was, indeed, shed that night)

Fraukow said...

were big on the blue ones here but have stock in the orange to go with the cloeslaw recipe that calls for them. Do they ever grow out of eating this way cuz Joe still eat chef boy r d ravoli almost directly out of the can.


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