23 July 2008

We made it home! We had no problems with the flight or customs or the shuttle (the shuttle rocked so much that we will certainly be using that service again). We ordered Thai for dinner and watched a glorious rainstorm from the sanctity of the porch while Chris and his Dad went to get the food. Most everyone has turned in, the few of us left up are struggling. I'm torn between fighting for 8pm to attain normal time faster and going to bed now so I'm better prepared for the kids, who will no doubt spring awake at 2:30am, looking for breakfast. We tried to explain the finer points of jet lag but I'm pretty sure they missed the point completely.


bethany actually said...

Glad you made it back safely! Thai and a rainstorm sounds heavenly. *sigh* One of the things I do not like about living where we do now is the lack of summer storms.

Good luck getting over the jet lag!

Spice Girl said...

Welcome home!


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