05 July 2008

July? ROCKS. (A List)

* Money for new kitchen!

Completely unexpected professional honor of such magnitude that I had trouble breathing when I got the call. I feel SO not worthy but am delighted all the same.

* Three Wishing Wells on a row. Not the middle, so I still have reason to play...

New printer - one that actually prints without incantations and chicken killing.

Playroom has been kept neat for three weeks on end, so far. Yesterday, the boys cleaned up when they were done WITHOUT BEING REMINDED. Mamas everywhere are dropping in shock. A brief interview revealed the boys have realized they like going in there to play when it doesn't look like a swirling, toy covered death trap.

Hot new haircut.

Germany! Two weeks.

Chris weeded his dresser and his desk. I know he only worked on his desk because he was looking for something (and no, I did not plant what he was looking for at the bottom...) but still.

What other wonders might this month hold?


Sister K said...

congrats! what honor did you get?????!!! i'm proud of you! :)

bethany actually said...

Yay for clean playrooms! Send some of those kids-doing-it-without-being-asked vibes our way, will ya?

Grandmoo said...

Ah, should we be comforted that you placed the professional honor higher than a Webkinz throw of the dice?


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