26 July 2008

Vacation Spoils

In addition to approximately 20kg dirty underwear, we smuggled brought back:


Sister K said...

a frog called spike....elaborate! lol

Chaotic Joy said...

Impressive. Especially the 6 pairs of Birks.

karen said...

@ sk: We could not bring home a frog named Roderick, a loss that has not quite blown over yet. Upsilon the lizard is a satisfactory replacement but we still miss Roderick.

@ cj: The Birks get either more or less impressive if you know that we got two pairs for 20 Euro each and the other four pair each for 10 Euro (or under).

bethany actually said...

That sounds like a great haul. I am intrigued by the Zuckerrüben. What do you use that for?

karen said...

@ ba: Zuckerrüben is like molasses, only made from beet sugar. You can use it in any recipe where you’d use molasses but it’s also good spread on dense bread or drizzled over cooked pork or root vegetables. When I’m not eating it by the spoon with bread, I tend to use it in grill marinades.


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