20 July 2008

Vacation, An Update

In case you don't follow my Twitter, Germany rocks. Let's do the numbers so far:
  • 4 countries: Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg...three of them at once!
  • 786 pictures (the keepers will someday show up in my Flickr)
  • 5 rainshowers, mostly at times we were planning to be inside anyhow.
  • 1 completely amazing double rainbow
  • 6 children
  • 4 ice-creams
  • 2 rental cars, one from France
  • 1 hysterical childrens' show about reproduction and birth
  • 15 postcards
  • 2 Roman ruins
  • 4 buildings built in 830 (or earlier); still in active use today
  • Between us all, more glasses of wine than can be counted using ordinal numbers
Miss you (and your blogs) all; home on Thursday.


Chaotic Joy said...

Have fun. Be safe. Don't kill the kids.

Sister K said...

sounds awesome! thanks for sending me one of the 15 postcards!!!!


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